Friday, July 17, 2009


So I'm having a couple issues currently regarding trust. When a trust is broken, how do you fix it? Where do you draw the line? When has it gone too far and is unrepairable? I've never dealt with these things before and am having a hell of a time figuring out what to do. When there are kids involved everything possible should be done before deciding that a problem cannot be solved, but how? What am I supposed to do to get back to a relatively stable trust? It will never be the same again, but how do I get to an acceptable place?

Sorry for being so cryptic, but I don't really want to go into detail. If anyone wants to be my counselor and find out the details, e-mail me.


Marie said...

This is a pretty intense question. It is hard to say with out knowing the situation.
I think that the line should be drawn and a person can not be trusted when it significantly harmed you (or another person).
If it is something small, like maybe stealing car keys one night, I would probably allow trust to be regained but talk about how it was broken and must be worked on.


BreezyAnne a + Fam said...

I have been there, done that. I found that it takes time.. a lot of time.. several years may even be needed.. with no more breaking of the trust. For things to really feel good again. Though my standard rule is.. 3 strikes and your out!

Best of luck with all!! Life can be so suckish!
Stay Strong! And Take Care!