Saturday, February 21, 2009

I'm Tired

I will start off with this. First, I put those pics of the kids on there because they make me happy when they're happy.
And I will continue on with this: I got my March issue of Elle in the mail and this is what I have to say: Why can't we all look like that after having a baby? It's just not fair! But on to other things.

I am so tired! My 10 month old is sick. This means I get no sleep. My 2 year old would not take a nap today and proceeded to throw the hugest fit I've ever seen from her. Not fun! My husband has been super busy at work this week with a computer virus on the loose, so he's no company When I said something to him this morning about not ever seeing him, he said "I watched a movie with you last night". This movie that he's referring to is Choke, and he made it through 17 minutes before he fell asleep.

I should be doing homework, but I'm not.
I could be reading, but I'm not.

I just want to sleep and never get up. It sucks, and now I'm writing the most boring post ever. I think tonight I'll put the kids to bed, get a blanket, and watch as much Nip/Tuck as I can possibly stand (which may not be much, considering where it's been heading). Laziness. Maybe I'll do something tomorrow.


Khy said...

Aw, cute kids. :D

I was just sick- still recovering, actually- for a few days, so I hope your 10 month old gets better soon.

sweetmelissa818 said...

Thanks Khy! It's so hard with babies because they can't take cough medicine or decongestant. They're just supposed to tough it out! It sucks!

Amy said...

such a cute baby;)

Marie Hansen said...

I just gave your blog an award!
Check it out:

Beth Kephart said...

Not a boring post. A very real one. We understand.